Who are we? Bellevue Girls Select Basketball is the feeder program for Bellevue High School Girls basketball. BGSB is the place for girls in grades 4th to 8th who live within the Bellevue High School boundary.  Our primary focus is developing the skills and love for the game of basketball. BSGB team members will receive the highest level of instruction and direct access to BHS girls head coach Nick Crossan, his coaching staff and the high school players. BGSB will work hand in hand with the BHS team to develop and prepare each player to succeed in the Bellevue High School program and beyond. 

How long is the basketball season? The season runs from September 2019 until mid-March 2020.

When are tryouts?  Tryouts are September 29th, 2019 from 1pm to 4pm at Chinook Middle School

Can a player try out to “play up” on an older team?  In general, players should play “at age”.  Coaches will evaluate each player and when team sizes are conducive to playing up, i.e., there are too many players at the younger age and not enough players at the older age, offers will be made to those players that will be successful playing up.  Playing up in a previous year does not automatically mean that a player will play up in subsequent years.  

What if a player has a conflict on the tryout date? If a player cannot attend a tryout, it is important that the player’s parent contact the Board President prior to the tryout date.  If a player in unavailable on the tryout day (due to injury or other circumstance), we will do our best to arrange a tryout at a future practice but may not be able to offer your child a spot on a team.

Are parents allowed to watch the tryouts? Parents are not allowed to view the tryouts.  There will be a non-coach observer at each tryout to assist in team selection and a Board representative will also be present.  Questions about team selection should be addressed to the coach or the Board President.  

What should the player bring to tryouts? Comfortable clothing, basketball or tennis shoes that will not damage a gym floor and a water bottle.  A basketball is recommended but not required.

When are girls notified of the tryout results? Each player/parent will be contacted by the coach with the tryout results after team selection is made and no more than 48 hours after the tryout date.  

When are the practices?  Practices begin in early to mid-October. There are usually two practices per week, each for an hour-and-a-half or two hours.  Due to limited gym space in the area, dates, times and locations of practice may vary throughout the season. Coaches may add additional scrimmages and training sessions for their teams.

When are the regular games? In the fall, teams will play in 1-2 tournaments to be decided on within the team.  During the winter season, BGSB teams participate in the ETL (Eastside Travel League) and will play approximately 16 games and an end of season ETL local tournament. Considering the length of the season (1st week in December to early March) and the number of holiday weekends in this period, you can expect games on both Saturday and Sunday most weekends in order to fit in 16 games.   All games are played at local schools within 45-minute drive of Bellevue. Home games will be played at Chinook Middle School or Bellevue High School.  

When are the weekend tournaments?  BGSB teams will play in 3-4 tournaments each season (in addition to regular ETL end of season league tournament).  Tournaments can take up a full weekend.  Specific tournament dates will be determined by the coaches, with input from parents.  Most tournaments are played at local schools within a 45-minute drive of Bellevue, with the exception of the season-ending tournament at Seaside, Oregon.

Where is the end-of-year tournament?  The BGSB teams attend their final tournaments of the season with the ETL local Tournament and another tournament at Seaside, Oregon. These tournaments are typically held on the 1st and 2nd weekends in March.

What are the fees? The up-front fee to play on a BGSB team is $750 for the 2019-2020 season.  The fee is due before practice starts. This fee covers coaching, gym time, entrance fees for regular games and tournaments, and additional training sessions.    This fee does not cover uniforms which run around $75 and AAU membership ($14) costs associated with player transportation, food and/or lodging or the cost of traveling to any tournament (including Seaside).  Uniforms will NOT be the same as last year, so ALL players will order new uniforms this season.  

What is an AAU membership?  Amateur Athletic Union is the governing body for amateur sports in the U.S. and most of the tournaments we participate in require that every coach and player have an AAU number for insurance purposes.  Your child will need to obtain an AAU membership number from the AAU website.

Note: During the membership application process, you will be asked “Are they a member of a Club?”  Just say No to this question.  (We do not host tournaments and we obtain insurance elsewhere, so there is no reason for us to have an AAU Club membership.)

Choose the Regular membership ($14) and take note of the “Membership ID” on the card that is shown online after checkout.  It will be something like 3EAT9YA6.  Memberships are available for 1-3 year durations and expire on August 31.

Are scholarships available?  No child shall be excluded from this program due to an inability to pay the fees.  Partial scholarships are available, at the discretion of the Board, to those athletes and their families who are unable to assume the cost of participation.  Arrangements will be kept confidential.  For information, please contact Darci Moreau:  darci@outlook.com

What are the parent responsibilities?  Parents must get their players to and from practices, games, and tournaments on time.  In addition, parents may be expected to devote some time to fund-raising activities as needed throughout the season. Parents may also be asked to represent their teams on the Club’s board of directors and serve as team managers or assistant coaches.

How many players on a team? While the coaches, in consultation with the Board President and an independent advisor, will make final determinations on the composition of teams, they have been given guidance to select from 8-12 players for each team.  The final team sizes may vary depending on the number and skill level of players that tryout each year.   

What are the playing time expectations? Playing time is determined by each coach and it will not be equal for every player, nor will it be equal for every game.  The Board has recommended that coaches play each player a minimum of 7 minutes every game, however, the coaches are allowed to use their discretion depending on the situation.  In the ETL, each player must play 5 minutes per game.

Can players play other sports during the BGSB season?  Yes. We recognize that players of this age are frequently involved with other sports or activities and encourage the development of well-rounded athletes.  The fall is considered to be preparation for the winter, which is the primary basketball season beginning in early December and ending in mid-March.  During the primary basketball season, we ask that players prioritize basketball over other sports and activities.  Players who miss practices and/or games (at all times during the year) may see their playing time decrease in subsequent games.

Additional questions can be directed to BGSB President, Darci Moreau: darci@outlook.com